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Welcome to WIFIP's Products Category. WIFIP employs innovation, education and development and other learning or training techniques to teach women, girls, youth how to use their creativity and talent to produce products made from cheaply and easily available materials to make a living and generate some income for their well being. This section of WIFIPs website show cases the final products made by these talented individuals.

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Furniture (2)

This category show cases WIFIP furniture products which include, sofa sets, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables. All these furniture is made under the WIFIP Educational Training Programme with materials that are easily available within the Lake Region. WIFIP's has successfully tapped into the natural supply of manufacturing materials from reefs like the hyacinth which wreak havoc in the Lake. This is an innovative way of creating new products and minimizing the havoc caused by these sea weeds.

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Chairs (2)

This category show cases WIFIP's expertise to create comfortable affordable chairs for your living room.

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Dining Sets

Dining Sets (1)

This category show cases WIFIPs creative and equally elegant dining sets suited for your dining extension or dining hall.

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Carpets, Mats and Fruit Baskets

Carpets, Mats and Fruit Baskets (1)

WIFIP not only produces furniture but also show cases skill in weaving. The products in this category are as a result of the hard work put in by the Women in the Fishing Industry to improve their livelihood by getting involved in income generating activities by providing their talent and through WIFIPs Educational Programme and Training produce excellent leisure and welcoming carpets and mats.

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Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades (1)

Women in the Fishing Industry Organization (WIFIP) produces handiwork from raw materials extracted from the water hyacinth which is a menace in Lake Victoria. This category show cases lamp shades which are made from 90% hyacinth raw materials.

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Trays (1)

WIFIP produces in and out trays which are perfect for any office installation. The in and out trays come in varied shapes and sizes which are a must keep for any professional office that needs a natural, clean and beautiful working environment.

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Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers (1)

Any well organized office needs WIFIPs assorted chests of drawers. WIFIP produces aesthetic, high quality chests of drawers that not only add beauty to your office but all elegance and efficiency by organizing your files in well finished drawer compartments.

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Serviette and Pen Holders

Serviette and Pen Holders (2)

This category show cases WIFIPs ingenuity in producing small but very helpful products. Your workstation is only neatly arranged if you have these pen a and serviette holders. It beats placing all your writing stationery  and your serviettes in these natural and elegant containers.

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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes (2)

What is a gift without a proper containment, wrapper or box. WIFIP produces colorful gift boxes which can be handcrafted to fit the occassion whether it is a Valentines day gift basket or it is a Christmas gift box, WIFIP can customize these boxes with colors to match the specific holiday mood.

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Laundry and Waste Baskets

Laundry and Waste Baskets (1)

This category show cases baskets which are great for your laundry or just managing your paper waste in your office or home. WIFIP is an environmental friendly organization, infact one of our mandates is to ensure that we have a clean and safe environment. Help WIFIP go green by purchasing one of these amazing waste and laundry baskets.

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CD and Magazine Racks

CD and Magazine Racks (2)

These are perfect for your living room. They will help you sort your magazines and your cd collections in well fitting slots.

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Storage Shelfs

Storage Shelfs (1)

WIFIP Storage Shelf take furniture design to a whole new level by encompassing the widest range of raw materials and complimenting it with the highest levels of artistic creativity. These shelfs are built with hyacinth raw materials, wood glass and metal frames.

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KPI Handbags

KPI Handbags (7)

Creativity at its best, Women in the Fishing Industry Programme harness their ability in weaving by producing handicrafts like handbags, lampshades and so much more from hyacinth raw materials. This KPI project enables the women living within the Lake region make a living by producing commercialized handicrafts from hyacinth raw materials. This category will show case some of the best womens handbags.

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Assorted Hyacinth Products

Assorted Hyacinth Products (9)

This category show cases an assortment of WIFIPs best hyacinth products including lampshades, chairs, office pen and pencil holders, cabinets, beds and sofa sets.

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