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WIFIP Governance

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WIFIP has a board of Directors comprising three females and two males. The board is responsible for providing policy direction and strategic focusing. It’s other major role is to provide linkages for strategic partnerships and collaborations. The board through the chair works closely with the secretariat that is responsible for the day to day operations of the organization.

WIFIP Management

The Executive Director is head of the secretariat which is made up professionally qualified female and male staff who work on the various projects on full time basis. We also hire part time professional and advisory staff for short term tasks like curriculum development and training. There are six operational departments namely, Materials’ Development & Production, Learner Support & Outreach, Partnership & Networking, Research & Documentation, Micro Enterprise Development and Finance & Administration

Staff members continue to pursue the broad vision, mission, goals, objectives, activities and aspirations designed and formulated for the implementation of education and development initiatives relating to women and other vulnerable groups in the fishing industry and the community in general.



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